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Your Bathroom Replacement Guide

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Replacing Parts of Your Bathroom

You don’t need to wait until your bathroom is falling apart to renovate the whole room. Certain aspects of your bathroom can be repaired, upgraded, or renewed without undertaking a major project.

Your bathroom can be ever-changing (just like your hand soap) and feel renewed without breaking the bank. Here’s how to know which parts of your bathroom you can replace and when.

Shower Components

One of the easiest things in your bathroom to replace is the showerhead. You should aim to change your showerhead every six to eight months. At this point, your showerhead has likely collected a large number of germs, and it’s tough to clean the inside of the device. Therefore, make sure to change your showerhead at least once a year and more if you have hard water.

Likewise, if you have any issues with your showerhead, like leaking, mineral buildup, or physical damage, it might be time for a replacement.

Shower tile life usually depends on the installation and quality of the tile. It also depends on the frequency of use in your bathroom. Floor tiles may need replacing sooner than wall tiles. Plus, if one bathroom gets a lot more traffic than another, it may need updates sooner. It’s also important that you replace any grout that has come loose, and replace any tiles that are cracked or out of place. Cracked tiles are prone to leaks and can damage your flooring underneath and create a breeding ground for mold.

Sink & Toilet

Your sink is essential for teeth-brushing and hand-washing. Think about how many times you turn on the faucet each day! Your faucet will wear out eventually, but the amount of time usually depends on the style. You can update your faucet every few years or so to give a new look to your bathroom. Plus, if you need frequent repairs on your faucet, it might be worth getting a new one.

Toilets are a bit more complex. The toilet itself (the porcelain part of the “porcelain throne”) is pretty durable and shouldn’t need to be replaced unless it is cracked or damaged. But other important factors make up a toilet. The parts in the tank don’t last forever, and the seal will eventually wear out. If you have trouble flushing, water puddling around the base, or another issue, contact a plumber to see if it’s time for a replacement.


While other aspects of your bathroom aren’t necessarily functional, they are still important. Your vanity, though used for storage, is often a focal point in your bathroom. You don’t need to replace the whole vanity unless it’s broken or you need to adjust your space. But if you want to update the style in your bathroom, the vanity is a great place to start.

You can also update windows, doors, curtains, and cabinets. These are mainly aesthetic changes unless there is physical damage present. If you want low-cost upgrades to your bathroom, this would be the place to start. You’ll be surprised how much a new set of curtains or repainted cabinets make a difference.

You can also replace any bathroom fixtures before their necessary time if you think it will bring new life to the room. New tile, a new toilet, a new sink, and a new shower can all be worthwhile investments that increase the value of your home and make your bathroom a place to enjoy.

Bathroom Plumbing Solutions in Texas

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