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Easy and affordable repiping services in Katy.

Few services strike the same fear and dread into a homeowner’s heart than repiping. Historically, repipe services were difficult, expensive, and a lengthy process. For many Katy, TX homeowners, repiping was simply not worth the trouble.

However, repiping is a valuable service that will foster positive results and significant savings for homeowners in the area. Mercy Plumbing makes repiping easy. A trusted repiping company, we offer affordable options that are efficient and effective, minimizing costs and maximizing value.

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Watch Out for These Signs You Need Repiping

Many pipe issues are fixed with an easy pipe repair. A simple patch or other quick solution is often enough for small leaks and one-off issues. However, if you experience any of the following problems in your home, you should definitely consider repiping. Some signs to watch out for include:

  • Experiencing frequent water leaks that require professional repair.
  • Noticing a change in the smell or taste of the water.
  • Noticing a change in the color of your water.
  • Rising water bills from inefficient or leaking pipes.

Replacing old and worn out pipes is an investment that will certainly pay off in the end. Your home will run more efficiently and you won’t need to worry about water leaks and other constant issues.

Which Type of Piping Material to Use?

In the past, lead pipes were used in plumbing systems. Today, we do not use lead pipes because of the health concerns they present. The two pipe materials used most commonly in the industry are PEX and copper. Both have significant benefits and unique features, which make them appropriate for a variety of homeowners.

Before deciding which pipe to choose for your Katy repiping project, check out some of the major differences between the two:


  • Made from a flexible material that is easy and inexpensive to install.
  • The pipes are less likely to freeze or burst.
  • Resistant to acidic substances.
  • Cannot be directly connected to a water heater.
  • Cannot be used outside because the material is damaged by UV light.


  • Made from strong, durable copper that will not sag over time.
  • Strong joints and durable material make copper pipes last longer than PEX.
  • The only downside is that the upfront cost to install copper piping is higher than PEX.

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