Mercy Membership

Put your mind at ease and keep your Katy, TX plumbing systems running flawlessly with annual plumbing inspection by Mercy Plumbing. Call us at 832-876-9498 and ask how you can become a Mercy Member today! 

As a Katy, TX homeowner, your home is one of your greatest investments. Protect it from damage caused by plumbing issues that could have been easily been prevented simply by getting annual inspection. As a Mercy Member, you'll gain peace of mind knowing your loved ones and your belongings are protected against unexpected plumbing emergencies.

mercy plumbing membership program

What Do You Get as a Mercy Member?

Your Mercy membership comes with one annual plumbing inspection. This inspection includes:

  • We clean all aerators to ensure your faucets are running smoothly (prevents any backups).
  • We check all drains at your lavatories and kitchen sinks to ensure drains are running smoothly.
  • We check all shut off valves to hot and cold water under every fixture and toilet (that way, should an emergency occur, you can shut off the water).
  • We drain water heater and check for unexpected issues at the water heater.
  • Perform camera inspection in the main sewer line (Clean-out accessible).
  • With any purchase of the Mercy Membership, you received a chance to win a free water heater and installation!

Call us today to become a Mercy Member!