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Keep the Drains Clean and Crush Your Home Resolutions in 2018

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As another new year approaches and brings the possibility of new beginnings and fresh starts, you can care for your pipes and drains by keeping them clean for a smooth-running 2018.

In fact, by taking care of this now, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of this resolution all year long. Clogs, annoying noises emanating from the pipes, and unnecessarily high water bills will be a thing of the past, and professional drain cleaning will help you crush your home resolutions in 2018!

Let the Water Flow in 2018

Clogged pipes and drains can be costly to repair and frustrating to deal with—if you’ve ever stood in a puddle of dirty water in the shower as you waited for the water to meander down the drain, you’ll know exactly what we mean!

A scheduled professional drain cleaning can wash away scenarios like this and will make it so the water will flow freely whenever you pull the plug or flush the toilet.

The benefits of drain cleaning are far-reaching, impacting not only your comfort and ease in the house but also your wallet and the sounds and smells you encounter in your home.

Clogs Be Gone!

Slow running drains and clogged pipes can be a source of many frustrations and secondary problems, including:

  • Environments that allow for the growth of mildew, mold, and bacteria
  • Offensive odors due to slow-moving waste
  • Decreased lifespan of your pipes
  • Negative impact on the functionality of your space
  • High-pitched squealing sounds due to an increase in water pressure

Professional drain cleaning can dissolve these issues before they appear, making it the right choice if you want a clog-free 2018 here in Katy, TX.

Clean Pipes = Money in Your Pocket

Fixing water or sewage backups or having pipes replaced are invasive and time-consuming procedures that you’ll also feel in your wallet.

These measures may be necessary if slow-draining water and minor clogs are left alone for too long, but they can be avoided with regular professional drain cleaning.

Taking preventative measures will keep more money in your pocket over time, and offer peace of mind that the plumbing systems you rely on daily are operating at peak efficiency, providing you and your family with clean, free-flowing water on demand, without the worry of water back-ups or floods.

Silent Pipes Are Golden

Mineral and sediment build-up on pipe walls and fixtures such as showerheads can yield irritating high-pitched noises coming from the pipes. As the pressure mounts, the water is forced through tinier openings, and this leads to the squealing noises you may be hearing.

Professional drain and pipe cleaning can avoid these annoying sounds altogether. Just like you go to the doctor every year for a checkup or take your car in regularly for tune-ups and oil changes, so too should you practice disaster and clog prevention in your house with annual drain cleaning.

The professionals will have the right tools and the right skills to clean out your drains, identify problem areas, keep your plumbing system flowing freely and properly, and help you achieve your home resolutions for the coming year.

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