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Why Do Toilets Sweat?

image of toilet sweating

If you walk by your toilet, even right now, you may notice some condensation forming on your toilet, specifically on the tank. This is a normal reaction. In fact, this can happen with any contained liquid. (Just take a glass of cold water outside on a hot day to see.)

Since this is a normal reaction for water, it may seem like it’s nothing to worry about. And an occasional case of condensation on your toilet isn’t a big deal. But if you notice that your toilet always has water dripping down the outside, you need to do something about it.

Why Condensation is a Problem

It may seem trivial because it happens slowly and can sometimes go unnoticed. But excessive condensation can start to drip onto your bathroom floor, potentially damaging it or even seeping lower into the floor base, where it can rot.

Think of toilet condensation as a sign that your bathroom is too humid.

How to Fix Condensation

There are some easy ways to fix toilet condensation. Reducing time in the shower will help cut down on humidity in the bathroom. Likewise, proper ventilation is crucial to ensure your bathroom stays at a proper humidity level.

Another solution is to add an anti-sweat valve in the toilet tank. This device adds some warm water to the cold toilet water in order to reduce the temperature difference from the inside to the outside of the tank. You can also purchase an insulation kit for the toilet, which will help keep the tank warm.

Many people try to manage their sweating toilets with a drip tray. While this is a good temporary solution, you’ll need to be conscious of when the tray is full and be careful it doesn’t spill. When you go directly for solving the condensation problem, you’ll have peace of mind that your bathroom floor is safe.

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