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What to Do if Your Plumbing Smells Rotten

image of rotten smell caused by plumbing

Is there a peculiar “rotten” smell coming from your plumbing and drains? If you do, then you are most likely smelling sewage gas. The accumulated sewage gas finds its way into the building when there is poor a filtration system or when there is a leakage in the plumbing.

Unfortunately, when the level of sewage gas is high enough that you can smell it, it has reached a point where you need to pay attention to the integrity of your plumbing, as sewage gas can be very hazardous to your health causing irritation of the eyes, fatigue, headaches, dizziness or worse.

By the same token, it could also be something as simple as a clogged drain wreaking havoc in your home.

What Causes the Smell in Your Sink?

As mentioned earlier, the foul smell oozing from the plumbing is a characteristic of sewage gas which is produced by decomposing waste products stuck in the plumbing by bacteria.

The accumulation of the gas produced by these wastes is what leads to the production of sewage gases. While that may seem like doom and gloom, it’s important to always find the cause for your plumbing issues.

For some homeowners, it can be something as simple as a blocked drain. If the smell is coming from your kitchen sink, chances are the smell is coming from:

  • Old food scraps
  • Cooking grease
  • Rotting veggies and fruits
  • Grime in your garbage disposal

If that’s the case, then these issues can easily be resolved with quality drain cleaning services from a professional plumber.

Are There Sulfur Deposits in Your Pipes?

One of the major constituents which usually gives the characteristic rotten egg smell is hydrogen sulfide, which indicates sulfur can may have been deposited on your pipes. Sulfur is very toxic to humans, corrosive to the skin and eyes, and it damages the respiratory system.

Sulfur also corrodes your plumbing and might damage it to such an extent where you have to replace all the plumbing structure and this is very costly to handle.

Our services include:

We’ll make sure to locate the source of the gas and fix any leaks if there’s one. All for the sole goal of keeping you and your family safe.

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