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What Shouldn’t I Dispose of in the Sink?

image of food in kitchen sink

At 3 ½ inches in diameter, the standard kitchen sink drain appears as though it can handle nearly anything you wash down it. After all, what could a few food scraps do to a drain that size? Quite a lot. You see, your sink drain connects to a drain pipe below, measuring 1 ½ inch in diameter — small enough that bits of food can become lodged. Even if your leftovers slip through that section of pipe, it’s likely to get tangled up with residue further down the line, forming a stubborn clog.

Keep your drains clear and running by keeping these foods out of your sink.

What You Shouldn’t Wash Down Your Kitchen Sink

Grease, fats, oils

Grease is liquid, so what’s the problem? The issue with oil is that it solidifies as it cools. So, while you can wash it down your sink, grease will harden and adhere to the pipe walls. This gunk will collect other particles, leading to a major obstruction.

Don’t wash grease down your sink. Instead, pour into a can or a jar and throw it into the trash.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are a leading cause of clogs. As anyone who enjoys a strong cup of joe can tell you, there are always a few grounds in the bottom of the cup. That’s because ground coffee beans take longer to dissolve. Pour them down your sink, and they’ll stick to the interior of your pipes, forming a sludgy mess. Put coffee grounds in your compost bin instead.

Produce Stickers

The stickers on produce are not biodegradable. So, while you wouldn’t dare eat one, you should also never wash the label down your drain. Peel stickers off and throw them away, or collect them for a cool arts-and-crafts project.

Your Garbage Disposal Doesn’t Dispose of All

Garbage disposals make for convenient clean-up, but be careful what you put down them. This appliance can quickly pulverize soft, organic matter, but certain foods can damage the unit. Throw bones and fibrous vegetables into the trash. Also, starchy foods like pasta and potato can swell up and clog your drain.

Clogged drains aren’t inevitable. Keep these foods out of your sink and schedule a professional drain cleaning to prevent slow drainage, bad odor, and wastewater backing up. To schedule your appointment with Mercy Plumbing, call (832) 876-9498 today!

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