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When a plumbing problem poses a threat to your home or commercial business, do you know the right professional to call for help? As you consider your options, one major decision you’ll have to make is whether to hire a licensed plumber or an unlicensed one.

While unlicensed plumbers may have cheaper rates, it’s never a good idea to rely on them for plumbing services. That’s because you’ll almost always end up paying for it in the long run with more plumbing problems, higher repair costs, and maybe even damage to your home.

At Mercy Plumbing, we only staff Texas state-certified and licensed plumbers. That means that our team has the expertise, knowledge, and skills to handle any plumbing service and get the job done right the first time.

Don’t gamble when it comes to your plumbing needs. Hire a licensed professional from Mercy Plumbing to ensure you get the service you need and the quality solutions you deserve.

We’re ready to respond to your needs quickly. Plus, we proudly offer:

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Why Hire a Licensed Plumber in Texas?

Modern homes contain complex plumbing systems that even professionals from a few decades ago would not be able to adequately repair or maintain without the proper training.

Licensed plumbers are specially trained, unlike their unlicensed counterparts, and are backed by:

  • Training: Licensed plumbers receive continuous training to provide the best quality service. With unlicensed plumbers, you can never be sure whether they have had any training—or, if they do boast training, you’ll never know whether it’s current. That can result in poorly completed work that will need repairs down the road.
  • Efficiency: Plumbing repairs and maintenance take thorough planning and preparation to complete correctly. Home and business owners who have had unlicensed plumbing work done before know how suddenly a one-day job can turn into a month-long project. Licensed professionals, however, understand the complications that can arise and factor in time to resolve such interruptions to their workflow. This allows them to give more accurate time frames to their customers, reducing frustrations, and providing more efficient work.
  • Liability: When you undergo licensing and obtain a plumbing certification in Texas, you’re illustrating your commitment to the trade beyond performing repairs and maintenance. You must satisfy your customers that are legally binding. Unlicensed plumbers, however, are not bound by these legalities, which can make them less accountable for their service and work product.

Hiring a licensed plumber is the only way to get high-quality repairs and maintenance that you can rely on for years to come. With thorough training, increased preparedness, and legal obligations, our fully certified and licensed plumbers can give you peace of mind that all of your plumbing needs will be handled with the proper care and practices, ensuring quality, lasting results.

Texas State Plumbing Legislature 2019

In Texas, all licensed plumbers must meet the requirements set forth by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners. This helps ensure a certain standard of quality in plumbing repairs and services so residents can rest assured that the services they receive are compliant with state regulations.

To become licensed as a plumber under the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners, individuals must complete an estimated four years (8,000 hours) of industry experience and 48 hours of approved training in a classroom setting. Plumbers must also receive ongoing training to remain current on industry standards and provide the highest quality services possible.

State-Certified Licensed Plumbers at Mercy Plumbing

At Mercy Plumbing, we only employ state-certified and licensed plumbers who can provide high-quality services for any plumbing installation, repair, and maintenance need. Our staff has the training and expertise you can count on whenever you need residential or commercial plumbing services in Katy, Richmond, and surrounding areas.

Don’t risk hiring an unlicensed worker for your plumbing needs. Invest in quality services and lasting results. It will save you money, time, and lots of headaches in the long run.

Our credentials, expertise, and customer-first service are just a few reasons why our customers love us! We invite you to check out our great reviews and our money-saving offers to see why we’re a top-rated plumbing company in Katy, Richmond, and nearby areas!

To schedule residential or commercial plumbing service with a trusted team of licensed and certified plumbers, call Mercy Plumbing at 876-9498 You can also contact us online now!

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