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Solutions for a Leaking Showerhead

image of leaking showerhead

Drip Drip Drip

We all know the sound. A slight drop falling and slamming down on your shower floor. Your showerhead is leaking, and it can’t be more frustrating.

First, make sure your lever or knob is completely closed. Sometimes, when knobs age, they can wear and get off their original track, so they require some playing around to completely close.

Here’s what to do when your showerhead starts dripping and won’t stop.

Turn off the Water

First, turn off the water to the bathroom. If you’ve turned off the water and water is still dripping, there may be a leak elsewhere in your home. Call a plumber to get to the bottom of it.

Once the water is off, you can take the showerhead off the wall and begin to inspect the problem.

Inspect and Clean

Look at the showerhead and see if you notice any impurities. These issues may be the cause of your leak:

  • The pipeline is dented or broken
  • The spouts releasing water are broken
  • There is not a tight seal between the showerhead and the connecting pipe
  • The o-rings are worn or broken

Some of these issues are easily fixable. For example, you can pick up some new o-rings from the hardware store and slide them on the showerhead. You’ll be surprised how much these help.

While you have your showerhead detached, give it a bath of its own. Let the showerhead sit in a bowl of vinegar for a couple of hours. This will help clean out any mineral buildup or mold.

When to Replace

Sometimes when a showerhead leaks, it means it’s time for a new one. When a showerhead leaks, even after making adjustments and cleaning it, you’ll want to replace it as soon as possible. That dripping isn’t just a nuisance but is costing you money on your water bill. That extra water can also end up staining your bath or shower floor.

Don’t Cry Over a Leaky Showerhead

When you get that continuous dripping in your shower, look no further than the team at Mercy Plumbing. Call us today at (832) 876-9498 to learn more about how we can help you.

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