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Is hard water a serious problem in your home? Hard water can have many ill effects, including making soap and shampoo less effective and increasing buildup in pipes that can cause blockages. A whole-home water softener installation can help alleviate these issues.

Mercy Plumbing has years of experience installing water softeners for homeowners throughout Katy. We will bring that same knowledge to your home and help you make the right water softener decision for your lifestyle.

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Signs You Need Water Softener Installation

1. Plumbing breakdown after plumbing breakdown - Our plumbing appliances were designed to work with clean water that's free of chemicals or minerals. So if you notice that your plumbing appliances that have been working great keep breaking down then contact our Katy water softener installation experts.

2. Stains on your plumbing appliances - While water evaporates, the iron or magnesium in your hard water wont and they will leave a noticeable stain on your plumbing appliances. While you can wash the stains out with bleach, they'll return if you don't opt for water softener installation.

3. Your cleaning products seem to have stopped working - Like our plumbing appliances, cleaning products like soaps and detergents were designed to work with clean water. If you notice that your cleaning products aren't working like they used to then get a water softener to fix the problem.

4. The water bottle test - The easiest way to test if you have hard water is by filling a clear water bottle up with water and put in some soap. Shake up the bottle and you should have clear water with suds on top, but if your water is murky and there are little to no suds then you have hard water.

How Do Water Softeners Work?

Hard water is a common problem for homeowners in Katy, specifically in rural areas that rely on well water. Hard water occurs when there is an excess amount of minerals in the water, including magnesium and calcium. These minerals can negatively affect the taste of the water as well as cause more serious issues. Using a water softener is the best way to eliminate hard water from your home.

A water softener uses a tank filled with salt, which causes the sodium molecules in the hard water to bind to it. This traps the impurities, delivering clean and safe water to the fixtures in your home.

What Are the Benefits of Water Softeners?

Water softeners offer many health benefits by delivering clean water throughout your home. Before committing to installing a water softener, it’s best to understand all the issues it can solve for you and your family. A water softener may be the best option for your home because it:

  • Reduces scale buildup – Scale, the minerals in hard water, can build up in your pipes and fixtures, leading to corrosion and damage.
  • Makes water taste better – The minerals in hard water tend to make it smell and taste bad.
  • Helps soap and shampoo lather more effectively – Hard water creates a film in the water that can decrease suds.
  • Reduces stains on clothing – Hard water can cause stains on clothes that have been run through the laundry.
Let our professional plumbers at Mercy Plumbing make your life better. Ask our Katy water softener installation experts about getting your water back to normal today by calling (832) 734-9731.

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