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Sewer Lines
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Sewer Line Services in Katy

Sewer Line Replacement & Repair

Sewer line problems can be especially troublesome because it’s often difficult to know exactly what is causing the issue. With diagnostic testing and sewer expertise, our technicians at Mercy Plumbing can easily diagnose sewer problems and offer comprehensive solutions. Whether you need sewer line repair or replacement, Mercy Plumbing can help.

Signs You Need Sewer Line Repair

If you know what to look for, the signs and symptoms of sewer line trouble can be obvious. These can range from minor annoyances to routine-disrupting disasters. Watch out for the following signs that you need sewer repair:

  • Gurgling sounds coming from the drain
  • Standing water or slow-draining water
  • Overflowing toilets
  • Dirty water backing up into the sink or tub
  • Foul odors coming from the drain

As soon as you notice any of these symptoms, contact Mercy Plumbing at (832) 876-9498 for fast and effective service.

Common Causes of Sewer Line Problems

Sewer issues are not only found in old homes with worn-out pipes; they can happen to anyone at any time. Some of the most common causes of sewer issues include:

  • Roots – The root system of that big beautiful tree in your yard grows underground, where it searches for a water source. The roots are strong enough to burst through sewer pipes and cause immense damage if the line is too close to the tree.
  • High temperatures – A sudden spike in the temperature outside or a major weather event can cause the ground to shift, which may damage or even break a sewer line.
  • Corrosion – Old and worn out pipes need to be replaced. Did you know that using chemical drain cleaners can speed up the corrosion process?

Your sewer lines are in good hands when you work with Mercy Plumbing. Contact us today at (832) 734-9731.

What Can You Expect from Us?

Unmatched Quality & Values

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Did your sewer back up in the middle of the night? Don’t worry—we have you covered at all hours of the day and night.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We stand behind all the work we carry out. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll gladly remove the parts installed and refund your money.

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You’ll always know the cost of your service ahead of time because we charge by the job, not by the hour. Rest assured, you’ll never receive a surprise on your bill.

Financing Available

Do you need to get your plumbing fixed now but don’t want to pay for it all up front? At Mercy Plumbing, we offer excellent financing options.

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