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How the Pros Take Care of Their Plumbing & Prevent Leaks

Image of water faucet leaking

You don’t have to be a professional plumber to prevent water leaks in your home. You just need to follow the advice that your professional plumbers provide you with!

As a homeowner here in Katy, TX, you’ve probably tackled a few DIY maintenance jobs to keep your repair bills down. Simply by following this list put together by the pros, you’ll see significant improvement as well as cost savings. Ready to start? Read on for your instructions.

How to Spot a Leak

First on your list should be learning about how to find a leak. Some leaks will be obvious (as in, you’ll see running or pooling water). There are less obvious signs that signal you’ve got a leak that you need to be attentive to. Are your water bills rising without explanation?

Is there mold growth or a musty odor in areas of your home? Do you have low water pressure? These are all red flags for leaks. Want a low-tech test to see if you’ve got a toilet leak? Put some food coloring in your toilet tank. If that color continues into the toilet bowl, then you have a leak.

Avoid Corroded Pipes

One of the biggest threats to your plumbing is corrosion. Over time, especially if you have mineral-dense water, pipes will rust and decay. Eventually, they will spring leaks. Plumbers, of course, already know the dangerous interaction of hard water and your plumbing, so chances are they will have a water softener installed to help.

They would also get their PH tested regularly. Another good way to keep corrosion away is to upgrade your plumbing to PVC pipes, which is more rust-resistant.

Drain Cleaning 101

Take it from the pros. There are good ways, and there are bad ways to deal with a pesky clog. The bad way is to pour a commercial drain cleaner down the pipe. That’s because the harmful chemicals in these cleaners will attach themselves to the sides of your pipes and eat away at them. Eventually, you’ll be faced with leaks as a result.

It’s much smarter to try to avoid leaks in the first place. Compost food instead of letting it fall in the sink. Don’t pour grease down the drain. Put hair traps in your shower and bath drains.

Water Pressure

Plumbers will always check their water pressure at home. That’s because if it is too high, the force of the water will damage your pipes and cause leaks.

One way of ensuring that this is ok is by having a water pressure regulator installed. Do you know what else the pros have at home? Water-efficient plumbing fixtures because they like to save money too!

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