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How Sinks are Installed on Stone Counters

kitchen sink installed in a granite countertop

Installing new kitchen plumbing is a process that must be taken seriously. One misstep and you may wake up the next morning to a plumbing catastrophe. New features in the kitchen increase the value of your home, give it a fresh new look, and will have your neighbors in Katy, TX in awe of its beauty. Find out how to correctly install a sink in a stone counter and enjoy your new kitchen look this summer.

Take the Correct Measurements for Available Space

Make sure when picking out your sink, countertop space is properly measured. Consider the depth of the sink underneath the countertop as well as the remaining kitchen plumbing.

The sink should be measured before and after the granite is cut. Once you have traced the sink outline, you can cut the granite using the appropriate tools. Typically a circular saw, with a diamond blade will do the trick.

Find a Sink that Matches Your Kitchen and Style

Once the hole is cut in your countertop, it is time to fit in the sink. First, apply denatured alcohol to the stone and rim of the sink.  Then, place the sink upside down over the granite hole and trace the outline of the basin. Apply caulk along the inside of the traced area, putting your sink over the opening.  Seal it in place with the clips that came with the sink. Now that the sink is attached, you are ready to install the countertop.

Call a Plumber to Help You Out!

It can be quite an accomplishment in installing kitchen plumbing on your own. However, it won’t feel so great if you find out later the job has been done incorrectly and you have to start over.

The potential for errors is why calling a licensed plumber to do the job for you is a good idea. Plumbers are trained professionals and will get the job done fast and efficiently. You also won’t have to worry about getting plumbing permits for your work, as the plumber does that for you. Kitchen remodels can either be a dream come true or a nightmare. It all depends on your preparation and execution.

Cutting corners is never the best option when it comes to important features like your kitchen plumbing. The kitchen is a popular space in your home, where great meals and conversations are held. Make it inviting by doing your renovations correctly. Enjoy your summer in your new and improved kitchen!

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