House Water Filtration Systems in Katy

Reliable Katy water filtration system services.

Worried about impurities and bacteria in your water? Want to protect your family from illness passed through dirty water? A whole-house water filtration system installation is a great option for many Katy, TX homeowners who are concerned about the quality of water in their home.

Mercy Plumbing offers comprehensive water filtration system services including installation, repair, and even home water filtration system maintenance. We can easily recommend a water filtration system that will perfectly complement your home and protect your family from water impurities.

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What Type of Water Filtration System to Choose?

There are many different types of units to choose from when you are looking at a home water filtration system installation. Each unit has its own benefits and advantages, making it work best in certain situations. Some of the most common water filtration systems include:

Reverse Osmosis: This is the process of moving water from a high ion concentration to a low ion concentration. As the water passes through the membrane, it is almost perfectly purified, which is great for a variety of uses in both residential and industrial settings.

Carbon Filter: Using several layers of activated carbon, impurities are trapped and removed from the water, resulting in crisp, clean, fresh tasting water.

Water Softeners: If your home has a hard water problem, a water softener is the only solution. Using a tank of salt, minerals in your water are neutralized and removed.

Benefits of a Home Water Filtration System Installation

Are you on the fence about installing a new water filtration system in your home? Wondering if it’s right for you? Check out the following benefits of using a water filtration system and see for yourself:

  • You will save money because you no longer need to purchase expensive bottled water.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your water is safe to drink and use at home.
  • Your family will be protected from bacteria and illnesses passed on through the water.
  • Your plumbing appliances will work more efficiently for longer and you won’t experience breakdowns relating to scale buildup.

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Protect your family and enjoy peace of mind knowing your water is clean and safe. Call us at (832) 876-9498 and ask about our Katy, TX whole-house water filtration system installation and repair services.