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Maintaining a safe and effective gas line is a vital part of homeownership. Otherwise, you put your family at risk of exposure to gas line leaks. Do plumbers work on gas lines? Yes! At Mercy Plumbing, we are the most trusted gas piping contractors in Katy, TX.

Our extensive experience and training allow us to offer exceptional gas line installation and repair services you can count on. With 16 years in the industry, you know you can trust us. We also offer exclusive benefits and incentives such as a 100% Money Back Guarantee, flat-rate pricing, and free quotes.

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How Do Gas Lines Become Damaged?

Gas lines are designed to work efficiently and safely with minimal service and maintenance. However, there are a few things that could damage a gas line over time. Some of the most common issues we see during a gas line repair service include:

  • Damaged lines from dust and debris flying through the air.
  • Gas lines broken or damaged by major weather events.
  • Corroded valves and dried out seals.
  • Incorrectly sized fittings and gas line components.

Any number of these issues could cause the gas line to rupture, leak, or malfunction. Depending on the severity of the problem, we may recommend a new replacement or gas line repair.

Replacing Your Katy Home’s Gas Line

Minor gas line repairs are common. However, there are several issues that could require a new gas line installation. Here are a few reasons why a homeowner would choose to replace their gas line:

  • The current gas line is old, outdated, and worn out.
  • You are building a new home.
  • You are constructing a new addition to your home and must install gas lines in the new areas.
  • Frequent gas line leaks and gas line repair bills are starting to add up.
  • Switching from oil to gas in the home.
  • Installing an outdoor BBQ system.
  • Upgrading your gas appliances often also requires upgrading the gas line to make sure the line can support the new appliances.

A trained gas technician can assess your situation and offer comprehensive advice on whether or not you should consider a gas line repair or replacement.

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