Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

At Mercy Plumbing, we hear some questions from time to time from our customers in Katy and Richmond. Our team wants you to have the answers to your plumbing questions quickly, so here is a list of some frequently asked questions we regularly hear.

Why do I need to call a certified plumber?

Many homeowners try to solve their plumbing problems on their own in an attempt to save a little money. While this may be a logical way to address your plumbing problems, it actually can create more work and expense in the end. Without the right training, your DIY attempts could make the problem worse, leading to an increased risk for a flood. Working with a certified plumber ensures you have a trained professional quickly and accurately addressing the situation so that you can move forward without fear of ongoing problems with your plumbing.

What happens if my pipes freeze?

If your pipes freeze, the water inside will expand. This can cause them to burst or crack. When the water then thaws, you will end up with a flood and costly water damage. You can prevent this by calling a plumber at the first sign of a frozen pipe, rather than waiting to see what happens when it thaws on its own.

How can I unclog my drains?

If your drains are having trouble flowing well, avoid the temptation to dump commercial drain cleaner in them. This is a caustic chemical that can severely damage the drains. Instead, call a plumber to schedule drain cleaning services, and have the clog addressed by a professional who can fix the underlying cause. Once your drains are flowing free again, take measures to prevent future clogs by adding traps over the drain to catch hair and other debris.

Why is my sewer line clogged?

If your slow drains are because of a sewer clog and not a drain problem, there are many reasons for this. Sometimes, it’s a simple obstruction along the sewer line. Other times, it’s a tree root that has grown through the pipe. Sometimes, cracked sewer pipes allow dirt and debris to get into the line and cause a clog. The best course of action is to have a professional plumbing team for a camera inspection. With a visual of what is going on inside your sewer lines, we can address the sewer clog quickly so that things can get back to normal in your home.

Do I have a gas leak?

If you have a gas leak, you will likely smell a sulfuric or “natural gas” smell. If you do, leave your home immediately and call the gas company. Once you’ve determined with the help of the gas company that the home is safe, call a plumber for gas leak detection services. You need to address gas leaks quickly to avoid a serious risk for your home and your family.

Do I have a plumbing leak?

Plumbing leaks are sometimes hard to detect. Some common signs that indicate you might have a leak include:

  • Unexpected water bill increases
  • Your water meter runs when no water is on in the home
  • You have damp spots under the carpet or in walls where pipes are located

If you suspect you have a leak, we offer water leak detection services to help you find and stop it.

No matter what your plumbing problems may be, the expert team at Mercy Plumbing has the services to help. Reach out to us online, or call us at (832) 876-9498 in Katy or (832) 659-4093 in Richmond.