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A Lower Water Bill Awaits When You Follow This Expert Guide

image of saving money on water bills through plumbing awareness

Significant savings are available to those residents of Katy, TX who are willing to drastically reduce their water use. These savings can add up over time, providing you with the funds to upgrade old fixtures to low-flow faucets, showerheads, and toilets. In the end, this will save you, even more, money, as well as help, conserve this waning natural resource.

Drop the Garden Hose and Take the Car to the Car Wash

Automated car washes do a great job of cleaning your car for twenty bucks or less, and they use very little water during the process. The water used at car washes is also greywater that has been recycled again and again, so the process does not cost much or exploit the environment.

When you wash your car at home with a garden hose, you are siphoning off hundreds of gallons of city water from your outdoor faucet, which can be much more wasteful and expensive.

Limit the Time You Spend In the Shower and Stop Taking Baths

Taking a bath is a wasteful extravagance in a world that cannot afford to waste one more drop of water.

Just one bath can use up 50 gallons of water, depending on the size of the bathtub. By contrast, taking a five-minute shower only uses up 10 to 15 gallons of water, resulting in a big discount on your water utility bill.

Recycle Your Household’s Greywater

Greywater is water that has been used to wash dishes, clothes and it can also include water used for bathing. You can collect this water by hand in basins and buckets and then water your garden with it.

You can also connect your sinks and appliance that use water to hoses that lead outside to your yard. The water can then be saved and used to irrigate your lawn and your garden. This also saves you money because you will no longer be paying for city water.

Fix Any Leaks As Fast As Possible

It is a big mistake to think that a couple of dripping faucets don’t matter. Leaking water adds up and can cost you thousands of dollars in the long run.

To prevent your money from literally going down the drain, hire a plumber to inspect your pipes for hidden leaks in your toilet tank, sprinkler heads and in the water valves that carry water from municipal sources into your home.

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