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5 Bad Toilet Habits You Didn’t Know About

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Everyone has heard myths regarding how they should best take care of their home and appliances. One of our favorite myths is that your garbage disposal can handle any amount of food with no issue.

This is completely false–that system is only built to handle table scraps when flushed with a liberal amount of cold water. Typically these rumors are spread over the years by our parents and grandparents, which perpetuate the myths under the pretense that they are correct and helping future generations.

Oddly enough, the same types of incorrect rumors can spread about your habits in regard to your toilet. We’re going to talk about a few things that could be affecting your home’s plumbing. Keep reading for more information!

Toilet Piping Woes

You probably already know that you shouldn’t flush large amounts of food, paper, or other items in your toilet. However, that information doesn’t stop most people from a few other bad habits.

Here are a few other practices you should be aware of:

  • Flushing once: wanting to save water is admirable, but doing so at the expense of your plumbing isn’t smart. When you are dealing with a large quantity of waste and toilet paper, be sure to flush multiple times so that everything can make its way into the sewer line.
  • Flushing non-flushable items: feminine products and baby wipes are the biggest offenders here. These items are often labeled as flushable yet continually clog pipes and sewer lines. Be on the safe side–don’t flush them.
  • Flushing grease: oil and grease, whether it is liquid or solid, has no place in your plumbing system. Don’t flush it, don’t pour it down the drain. Instead, leave excess cooking grease in a disposable cup and throw it away once it has cooled.
  • Using the wrong tools: toilet plungers (not the kind made for your sink) should be the only tool that you use on your toilet. Leave the augers and drain snakes for the professionals because when they’re misused, clogs can be pushed out of reach which will result in costly repair bills.
  • Ignoring problems: ignoring a problem does not mean it’ll go away. Generally, the longer an issue is left alone, the larger it becomes.

Damages Caused

Continuing with bad toilet habits can lead to major clogs. If the clogs aren’t removed, serious damage can occur. When a pipe or a toilet clogs, there is a risk of a leaking or ruptured pipe. This happens because the water pressure becomes too much for the pipe and must go somewhere since it can’t move forward.

Cost of Repairs

If you allow toilet clog to remain for too long and end up with a ruptured or leaking pipe, it can be costly to repair. Additionally, you may find yourself with water damage behind walls, floors, or within the furniture.

Although you can technically rent or buy the equipment needed to make the repairs, the skill that comes with years of experience will be missing.

Oftentimes, this results in more extensive damages, requiring even more expensive repairs. Don’t wait for a plumbing problem or a clog to resolve itself.

This never happens and will only cost you more money than necessary. With that said, it’s important to call a reliable and trained plumber to do the work. We’d love to be the company to solve your plumbing issues.

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